Portraits shown here were done on commission or, in one case, suggestion.  All are done in oil.
"Paul, Kintsugi Man" was done on request, not many months before Paul died.  Kintsugi is a Japanese art form in which valued but broken pots are repaired with gold - and become yet more valuable.  Paul had many scars, some from tough bike riding on Australian outback terrain, over long distances, and some from 3 years of fighting a tough cancer.  He saw kintsugi as a metaphor for himself, scarred in gold, and asked me to paint him as such.  This painting was a semi-finalist (one of 132 out of over 1000 entries) in the Australian Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, in 2018.
"After the Fall" here shows 6 out of a serioes of 9.  The fall in this case was a nasty one that could have been fatal but was not - and happily left no lasting effects.  It brought mortality too close to this man, however, as can be seen in this sequence.  "After the Fall #2/6 was submitted and chosen to be part of thee annual competitive show in a gallery in Melbourne, Cambridge Studio Gallery.
"Man of Peace" shows two overlapping images of the man who started the Sydney Peace Prize, given annually now.  There are two images to give a hint of his very active face and hands, sometimes intense in conversation and sometimes quiet in contemplation.  There are 2 versions, one with the subject, and one with the artist.