Trees have always felt like friends to me.  As a child I climbed them, read books high in their branches and even hid in them.  I believe that trees protect the world - and current science says that forests create rain, allow water to enter the soil and stop erosion, sequester carbon, and of course, provide habitat for many thousands of species of plants and animals.  Sydney has magnificant trees, and their forms and light patterns have been my on-going theme for their beauty, the way they create space around us and the sense of majesty they radiate.  Most of these are "Tree Portraits" based on particular trees. 
"Red Sky Tree" oil on canvas, 61x61 cm, 24x24 inches, private collection, San Francisco, USA
"Angophora," oil on canvas, 16x61 cm, 24x24 inches, private collection, New York City, USA
"Upward," oil on canvas, 70x60 cm, 28x24 inches, COA, Sydney
"Branch Lace," oil on canvas, 16x61 cm, 24x24 inches, private collection, Washington DC, USA
"l'Heure Bleue" oil on linen, 168 x 67 cm, 66x26 inches (framed), private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Big Branch," oil on canvas 61x61 cm, 24x24 inches, private collection, Maryland, USA
"Jacaranda" acrylic inks on linen, 51x51 cm, 24x24 inches, private collection, Australia
"Florida Bounty" oil on canvas, 20x16 inches, 41x52 cm [private collection, Sydney, Australia]
"Winter" acrylic inks on canvas, 92x122 cm, 36x48 inches, private collection, Melbourne, Australia, also available; as archival print on paper or on canvas
"Happy Tree" inks on canvas, 91x91 cm, 36x36 inches, private collection, Sydney, Australia
"High Branching," aquarelle sticks on panel, 41x51 cm, 16x20 inches, private collection, Germany
"Trees of this Earth" partial view of mural on interior walls, roughly 2 m tall, watercolours and oil pastels on old plaster wall, Leliegracht, Amsterdam, The Netherlands