Beach Sketches, Sydney Ocean and Waves Portraits

These sketches were done in inks and watercolours, quickly, in cafés and small restaurants in Shanghai, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and various parts of France, Ireland and the USA.  They were done in notebooks, and so are small.  A few people saw me sketching them and smiled, one winked; most paid no attention whatsoever.  Most folks eating alone, and even some paired up, ate with one hand and checked out their phone with the other.  There are many more of these to see in my studio.  

"Orange and Pink," inks
"Watch and Listen,", inks
"Listening Intently," inks
"Two in Sunglasses" France; private collection, Canberra, Australia
"Observers" Amsterdam, The Netherlands, framed, available in studio
"Her Profile, His Back" France, available in studio
"Purple Cat" Maryland, USA; framed. Private collector, Sydney
"Two Shishas Two Phones" Istanbul; Private collection, Germany
"Lovely" Shanghai; framed, available in studio
"Two at Lunch" Ireland; available in studio
"Three at Table" Ireland; available in studio
"Brekkie, Shades, Phone" Shanghai,available in studio
"Good Hat" San Francisco, available in studio
"Google Guys" San Francisco, available in studio
"Cute but Concerned" Shanghai; available in studio
"Breakfast dumplings with friend" Shanghai,available in studio
"Big Guy" Shanghai; private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Look Around" Istanbul; available in studio
"Heavy Dialogue" France, available in studio.