Water, particularly the ocean, has always fascinated me because of the extraordinary effects of changing light and movement. Sydney has phenomenally beautiful beaches with clear water (except after heavy rains). The ocean has varied moods, from quiet calm to playful waves to huge storms.  The colours are often astonishing, and the light in the water changes with the seasons, so brilliant in the summer sun that it seems lit from within.  But the light and colours also change continuously with the constant movement of the waves and angles of the sun.
"Pre-dawn Gold & Blue," oil on canvas
"Narrabeen, pre-dawn," oil on canvas, private connection, Germany
"Wave Landscape" inks on yupo, private collection, Australia
"Barrel Right," oil on canvas; private collection Sydney, Australia,
"Splash" oil on canvas, 61x61 cm, 24x24 inches; private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Wave Cloud," acrylic ink on wood panel, 65x70 cm, 26x28 inches; private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Daybreak Wave" oil on canvas, 61x76 cm, 24 x 30 inches; private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Wave Rainbow," watercolour on paper, 8x10 in. 21x26 cm, [private collection, Tokyo, Japan]
"Summer Sun, Low Tide at Queensie" oil on canvas, 3x6 ft, 92x183 cm, private collection, Sydney, Australia
"Ocean Deep" oil on canvas, 2x2 ft, 61x61 cm; private collection, Virginia, USA
"Wave Bubbles," Inks on clayboard panel, 41x51cm, 16x20 inches, private collection, North Manly, Australia