Beach Sketches, Sydney Ocean and Waves Portraits
The light in this little koi pool reflected from the bottom as well as from the surface.  Fish caused the water to move as did surface breezes.  The changing patterns were endless.  I used oil for some, watercolour and aquarelle sticks for others. 
"Light, Fish, Movement" oil on canvas, 16x20 inches, 41x51 cm [private collection, Florida, USA]
"Tropical Blue" aquarelle sticks and watercolor on handmade paper, 23x17 inches, 59x43 cm [collection of artist]
"Reflections, Light, Koi" aquarelle sticks on paper, 22x30 inches, 56x76 cm [collection of Public Library, Lexington, KY, USA]
"Dancing Light on Koi" oil on canvas, 22x24 inches, 51x61 cm [collection of artist]
"Cool Koi Pool" watercolour [private collection, USA]
"Ripples, Reflections, Koi" water oolour and aquarelle sticks on handmade paper, 19x27 inches 48x69 cm [private collection, USA]
"Koi Pool Cool" watercolour and aquarelle stick, 18x24 inches, 46x61 cm [collection of artist]
"Lillies, Layers of Light" watercolour and aquarelle sticks on paper, 18x24 inches, 46x61 cm [collection of artist]