Fast sketches of people, and slower sketches and watercolours of places - slower since they don't move as much as people do.

The restaurant in Shanghai was a great little restaurant for fast - very fast - sketches of people.  A few saw me sketching them and smiled, most paid no attention whatsoever.  All folks eating alone and some paired up ate with one hand and checked out their phone with the other.

Beach sketches in Sydney were also quickly done and - I hope - captured some actions and even relationships.

The ink sketches from Mexico were done for illustrations for a book.

European watercolours and sketches were for fun and sometimes as a gift.

There are, of course, many more.

"Beach Birds" Manly Beach Austsralia "Sandcastle" Manly Beach, Australia "Two Chat" Manly Beach, Australia Two Shishas Two Phones, Istanbul Two for Breakfast of Dumplings, Shanghai Cute but Concerned, Shanghai News and dumplings, Shanghai "Paris Rooftops" Watercolour on panel, private collection, Melbourne, Australia Lake Maggiore, Italy
Watercolour Portofino, Italy
Watercolour "Teatre" pen & ink, Guanajuato, Mexico "Cafe in the Square" Guanajuato, Mexico "Mexiamo" pen & ink, Guanajuato, Mexico