The restaurant in Shanghai was a great little restaurant for fast - very fast - sketches of people.  A few saw me sketching them and smiled, one winked; most paid no attention whatsoever.  All folks eating alone and even some paired up ate with one hand and checked out their phone with the other.

Cafés in Istanbul, France, Amsterdam, Ireland and the USA all gave me the chance to draw people.  There are, of course, many more. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing a master list of them all.

"Observers" Amsterdam, The Netherlands, framed, available in studio
"Lovely" Shanghai; framed, available in studio
"Two Shishas Two Phones" Istanbul; collection of the artist
"Two in Sunglasses" France; private collection, Canberra, Australia
"Her Profile, His Back" France, available in studio
"Three at Table" Ireland; available in studio
"Two at Lunch" Ireland; available in studio
"Google Guys" San Francisco, USA, available in studio
"Purple Cat" Maryland, USA; framed, available in studio