A bit about my painting

I've drawn and painted in oils since the age of 5. Mum went to art school (Yale) and started me early. Watercolour and aquarelle sticks, pen & ink, acrylic paints and inks, charcoal and the occasional sculpture came in college art classes (Cornell). Full-sized wall murals started in grad school. Oil is my first love, but I can't resist experimenting in other media that allow different possibilities.

Sydney has wonderful trees and their forms and light patterns have been my on-going theme, for trees' beauty, for the way they create space around us and for the sense of power and majesty one gets from them. I do believe that trees protect us and the earth, certainly in a literal biological sense but also something more. Water has always been a fascination, whether a koi pool or the ocean, because of the extaordinary effects of changing light and movement. Living in Sydney, I became obsessed with local trees and the ocean.

I've traveled professionally a lot, and lived in several countries. Much of my early work was in watercolours or pen and ink for that reason. I've had work in shows, galleries and in private collections in several countries and I've also been Visiting Artist, summers at Art Study in Giverny France, where we had the priviledge of working in the gardens summer evenings and Mondays when the gardens were closed to the public.

I now work out of a wonderful spot: the Artists District of Headland Park, run by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

The work listed is described as in the studio or in someone's collection. Please come by the studio and see for yourself. I'm there most weekdays and some weekends, but a phone call first is good. It's a lovely park area, with good walks along Sydney Harbour, and there's a good café, so please come visit:

Kit Hoisington, Bldg 1, Headland Park Artists District, Reed Place (formerly 1100a Middle Head Rd.) opposite Cobbittee St. Mosman, NSW Australia  phone: 0416 179767